Are Cheat Days Problematic?

Photo by sk on Unsplash

Cheat days—the one day of the week that every dieter looks forward to. The day that you can enjoy all of the “forbidden” foods and eat whatever you want. But, are cheat days detrimental to leading a healthy lifestyle?

Binging & Cheat Days

Labeling foods as good and bad, healthy or unhealthy makes you feel like you’re cheating on your diet and it’s associated with feeling guilty. Overeating or binging on a cheat meal results in taking in a lot of calories and it can lead to disordered eating.

Healthier Eating Behaviors

Instead of having cheat meals or cheat days try eating your favorite food, without planning out when you’ll eat it. Most people take cheat days on the weekend, so eat the food you’re craving on a weekday. Also, try honoring your cravings. When your craving something, it’s your body’s way of telling you you need it. So, go ahead and savor that burger or chocolate chip cookie you’ve been wanting for a couple of days. You’ll be much more satisfied after you eat the thing you really want.