6 Effective Exercises to Prepare Your Body for Spring

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

As spring begins and nature throws off the shackles of winter, we emerge from our winter wardrobes and realize that we’ve put on a few extra pounds!

Here are 6 exercises to do to whip your body into shape for spring:


Push-ups work many muscles in the arms, back, stomach, and legs. Look online at different types of push-ups. Experiment to find which ones work for you.

Bulgarian split squat

A favorite of svelte Jessica Biel, this one is a must. It’s a single leg squat that focuses on the glutes and the quads.

Hip Thrusts

These exercises get to work on the glutes and perk up the buttocks more effectively than squats.

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HIP THRUST Le mouvement de hip thrust ou relevé de bassin est un parfait exercice pour travailler le bas du corps. 💥 Polyarticulaire, il va venir cibler le grand fessier, les ischios jambiers, et les adducteurs. 🔝 Étant un exercice assez connu on va plutôt voir ses variantes que sa technique. Il en existe pas mal en changeant différents paramètres du mouvement comme la position, les tempos ou le matériel.. . ➡️ Unilatéral, une seule jambe au sol ➡️ Pieds au sol ou surelevés ➡️ Écartement des pieds : standard, rapprochés ou écartés . ➡️On change la résistance: poids de corps, haltères, barre, élastique,… ➡️ On change le matériel: banc libre, smith machine (barre guidée), leg extension ➡️ Tempo Vous utilisez ce mouvement dans vos training ? Et ses variantes ? 🤔 #hipthrust#musculation#fitmotivation

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Dumbbell thruster

This exercise starts as a squat and progresses to a shoulder press, so it works out several muscle groups.


Glute bridge

Lying on your back and raising your lower back and buttocks is an excellent exercise for the glutes. Include weights for a more intense workout.


Burpee row

This is not as easy as it looks but gives the entire body a workout. Consult a trainer or check out some videos before trying it.