The Logic Behind Breaking Out in Your 20s

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Girls all over the world are experiencing the quarter-life skin crisis: their skin suddenly starts breaking out as they enter their mid-20s for no apparent reason. Just when you think you’re done with face problems when you grew out puberty, this unpleasant surprise hits. What’s it about?

Hormonal Problems

The main reason for acne is hormones, and the hormonal shifts are definitely not reserved for puberty only. Your hormones go wild on a monthly basis and the skin is suffering.

Birth Control

Birth control pills are nothing but hormones, and we’re back to the first point. By experimenting with birth control on your own, you risk messing up your hormonal levels which leads to acne, among other problems.

Picking Up Healthy Habits

By all means, you should pick up healthy habits in every area of your life, but any sudden change can lead to skin problems until your body adjusts.

Skincare Products

If you’ve found yourself putting more effort into your skincare routine as you reach your mid-20s, it’s probable that some products won’t work for you and will break you out.