Keep Your Toddler Busy so You Can Get Things Done

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Toddlers can be extremely busy which means that they need your undivided attention. However, sometimes there are things that you need to get done and no one to assist you with babysitting.

Here are some ideas to keep your toddler busy so you can get down to business:

Don’t feel bad

The time of toddler years is ideal for teaching children the value of independent play, so you’re doing them a favor.

These pictures (swipe to see Big H) are the kiddos with Usborne’s Fingerprint Activities. I’m so excited that Big H and therefore Ms. H, because she does whatever he does, is into crafting these days. It is such a blessing to have these activities to do when, I Just Can’t. You know what I’m sayin’? Check out on the blog, Books for High & Low Energy days. These have helped ME fight for presence with the kids even on my worst days. Oh and yes, I’m human and totally put on some tv, as well. No judgement here. Yesterday was a bad anxiety day. And for those of you who have anxiety, you know what I mean. It goes far beyond stress and makes you feel like you’re about to crack. Thoughts run wild and stick and stay and the healthy process of letting go, doesn’t quite get completed. I could liken the thoughts to a loud blender where I feel I have to scream or lip read to be heard or to hear anyone else, above the noise. I read None Like Him by @jenwilkin because a friend recommended it to me. She recommends ALL. THE. GOOD. BOOKS. @stsandel Chapter one says “Our limits teach us the fear of the Lord. They are reminders that keep us from falsely believing that we can be like God. When I reach the limit of my strength, I worship the One whose strength never flags. When I reach the limit of my reason, I worship the One whose reason is beyond searching out.” These words have been LIFE GIVING to me. I don’t have to have it all figured out, because I know the One Who Does! The stomach may churn, the decisions be plentiful, the daily rhythms hard, I reach the end of my strength. And then I’m reminded of His loving kindness to show me that I can’t do it all. And if it weren’t for this “thorn”, I might not come to this conclusion. So I do the next thing. I hold the little fingers with the pink and orange and blue paint to use fingerprint set and create candies, dinosaurs, and more. I embrace the hard. I’m thankful I am not like Him. Because He is infinitely more. Praying this encourages you, today!

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Plan the activities

Toddlers need plenty of guidance when they play independently. If you want your toddler to play on a xylophone, then you need to have it ready. Don’t expect your toddler to fetch it themselves.

Create a safe environment

The minute the environment is not safe, you’ll need to stick around. Your presence will make your toddler feel entitled to your attention.

This is what you do not want. Childproof an area of the house where you can leave your toddler to play and only check up on them occasionally.

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🖐🏼I interrupt your Friday scrolling to drop a snippet of our #playfulmessyandreal. . 💗 When feeds may be inundated with happy-family-long-weekend smiles, amazing Easter crafts / activities or cute little decorations that you never got the chance to make / buy / borrow, I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing, just as you are! 💛 Over in our lane, our house is completely trashed (this pic is only a teeeeny tiny tip of the iceberg – did you see my stories?! 😱) after our four little people have had an insanely independent, BUSY day playing, but such is #ourlifewithOURkids. I know it’s not Pinterest worthy – but it’s our REAL, so thought it important to share as it’s easy sometimes to get caught up in only showing the ‘highlight reels’ – when the reality for us is that our life with kids doesn’t necessarily fit into a neat little square. 💚 Hope your weekend is squished with all that matters to you and yours! 💙 Big smiles xxx 💗 💛 💚 💙 #playfullittlelearners_playroom #playfulmessyandreal #magicofchildhood

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Attention span

Toddlers tend to have a very short attention span so make sure you have enough activities to keep them busy.

Easter Sensory FUN!

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