4 Plank Variations for Stronger Abs

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

A plank is one of the most important abs exercises to incorporate into your workout. The plank works on your core and this is how you maintain your posture. Staying in a plank for 30 seconds without moving is pretty hard but with these 4 variations, you can also add some movement to make the exercise a little more effective.

TRX Plank

If you are already a pro with the plank, why not add an extra element to challenge your stability. Put your feet in the stirrups of a TRX and hands on the floor to hold the plank. The feet are off the floor so you have to work harder to hold the plank.

Exercise ball Plank

Another variety is to use an exercise ball to put your forearms on, your feet are on the floor, and you have to hold the core to stop the ball moving.


The Military Plank

Start with your arms straight, feet on the ground and your core tight and lift one arm off the ground straight forward in line with your ear. Hold for 2 seconds and swap to the other arm.


Weighted Plank

Adding weight on your back whilst you plank really gives you some added resistance. Whilst the plate is on your back brace your lower back to engage the lower core. Squeeze the glutes and hold for as long as you can. Make sure there are no gaps between the back and the plate.