4 Apps That Will Help You Reduce Anxiety

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

Anxiety is becoming a common problem, but there are many apps for you to combat those spirals.

A common misconception is that putting down your phone and going on a ‘tech detox’ will calm you down. However, as most people need their phones for business, the idea of not being on social media can brings on more anxiety.

Here are 4 great apps that will keep you calm and distracted from all the problems causing your anxiety.

Insight Timer

The Insight Timer app has over 30,000 free guided meditations to help you start meditating. It has a premium plan which has courses on how to meditate and cope with anxiety.


If you are one of those people who are always on the go, this is the app for you. The music in this app is composed to help you relax within 15 minutes. Plus, there are many genres to choose from.

JOUR: Journal for Mindfulness

This app allows you to write a journal anywhere, your phone, tablet, desktop. You can choose a guided journey depending on your goals. The Jour app provides prompts to make sure you write what you need to and sends daily reminders to make sure you don’t miss a day.

Daily Yoga

This app is affordable and provides more than 150 yoga programs to practice each day. It is a great way to calm your anxiety and move your body.