3 Self-Care New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

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Most New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail in a matter of weeks. That’s because we’re often setting big goals that only make us anxious instead of committing to simple steps that actually make a big difference over time.

Here are the best self-care resolutions you can make this January that will improve your life and that you’re actually likely to stick to.

A Weekly Walk

Promise yourself that you’ll go out for an hour-long walk once every week. You can pick a day to walk back home from work or leave it for the weekend when you have more time, just make sure you don’t miss a week.


Turn Off Your Phone Daily

We can all designate at least an hour per day to spend offline. Turn on the “Do not disturb” mode and have a cup of coffee with a friend, read a book or cook something nutritious.

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Morning and Evening Routine

There’s no skipping certain things in the morning and in the evening: you have to wash your face, brush your teeth, shower, etc. Turn those tasks into calming routines that will help you start and finish your day in a much better mood.