3 Foods That Will Help You Feel Less Bloated

Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

No matter how toned and slim your body is, it’s almost impossible to not feel a little bloated occasionally. Stomach bloat can be uncomfortable

Women Complain Of Bloating Far More Often Than Men Stomach bloat plagues most women — and the reason can be directly blamed on the digestive tract. Women are proven to have a larger colon, which makes the digestive process much more of a process.


Although it may seem the female condition is digestive distress, there are ways to combat this daily struggle. Indulge in these foods to prevent bloating before it even happens!

Sip On Some Ginger-Infused Tea

Ginger root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The calming effect ginger has on your body can help prevent unnecessary bloat and put your gut at ease. Steep some ginger tea or whip up a fresh smoothie with ginger and other veggies to keep stomach bloat at bay.


Snack On Some Melon For Stomach-Healing Benefits

Melon contains a high percentage of water, which can help to flush out excess sodium from the body. These tasty fruits can keep you hydrated and your stomach looking sleek throughout the day. Keep fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew stocked in your kitchen to combat bloating around your gut.


Carrots Are Loaded With Nutrients That Aid In Digestion

Carrots are not just for rabbits. These veggies are filled with potassium and fiber, which help to keep you regular and your digestive system running smoothly. The fiber in carrots will have you feeling full longer, which will ward off unnecessary bloating throughout the day.

Keep your cravings to a minimum with a handful of baby carrots — your gut will thank you!

Stomach bloat doesn’t have to be an everyday affair. Snack on these treats to show off a flat, toned tummy —healthy digestion never tasted so good!