Useful Tips To Pull Off Burgundy Lipstick

Burgundy is by far one of the boldest and prettiest lipsticks you can wear, even though it can be a tricky shade to pull off. Read on to find out how you can wear burgundy lipstick for both casual and formal occasions.

Fluttery Lashes

Burgundy is a bold and intense color, so you might need to tone down your makeup during the day. If you want all the attention to be on your lips, apply the lipstick, and add only falsies to your top and bottom lashes to achieve a magical effect.


A barely-there eyeliner combined with burgundy lips is also a great way to get that glamorous, yet still subtle makeup look.

Go Green

What is the perfect color to mix with burgundy, you wonder? Well, green of course! Intense green eyeshadow mixed with deep burgundy lipstick is the perfect recipe for a dramatic and glamorous makeup look.

Get Glossy

Coat burgundy lips with a layer of clear gloss to get this dreamy effect that’s been trending on runways lately.