Michaela Vais Will Introduce You to Vegan Food

For many foodies, the thought of a vegan meal is a daunting one. But thanks to some clever vegan recipes and ideas available on the Internet, vegan food can not only be unscary, it can actually be delicious!

Case in point: Michaela Vais’ food blog ElaVegan. A food stylist and recipe creator, Vais is passionate about healthy vegan food. Her online platform includes recipes for healthy and delicious vegan dishes that are also mostly sugar-free, gluten-free, and easy to make.


You will find desserts such as cakes and brownies, as well as main dishes and even fast food-turned vegan. “My goal is to show that eating plant-based food is healthy, delicious, good for our bodies and for our planet,” writes Vais on her website. “I believe the food Mother Nature created for us was not meant to harm our bodies, our planet and kill billions of innocent animals.”

According to Vais she stopped eating meat by the age of 6, and became a strict vegan much later, in 2011. “Going vegan was the best decision in my life,” she writes. “Knowing that I don’t participate in the torture and exploitation of farm animals brought inner peace to myself. I feel much more energized since eating plant-based food, I lost some weight and I cured my cystic acne!”

Scrolling through her Instagram page is quite the mouth-watering experience.