Tsundoku: Are You Buying More Books Than You Can Read?

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Here’s a difficult question for all the readers out there: what do you enjoy more, reading books or buying them?


If you thought you were the only one who keeps buying new books without first reading those at home, you’ll be relieved to know this habit is so common it even has a name. The Japanese call it tsundoku — a word used to describe the act of piling up books without reading them.

It’s particularly interesting that many people are still collecting books in this day and age, when we have nearly everything available digitally, and the leading lifestyle trend is minimalism.


It appears that printed books have a unique value that can’t just be replaced with digital copies, and the true enthusiasts won’t give up on them anytime soon.

Are you guilty of tsundoku? We won’t blame you if you are – we all know how satisfying the process of buying new books can be!