Make These Reusable Cotton Rounds to Save You Money and Waste!

If you’re someone who wears makeup, you know how important it is to take it off with makeup remover before you go to sleep. But even if you only wear makeup every so often, the amount of cotton pads or makeup wipes you’re using and throwing away really adds up. If you want to go more zero-waste with your makeup routine, try making these reusable cotton rounds!


For this DIY, you will need about half a yard of fabric, which will make about 25 cotton rounds. You can use any fabric, but organic cotton or flannel is probably best since it’s soft. You also need a glass, and either a thread and needle to sew it by hand, or a sewing machine. For this project, it is important to sew the pieces together, not just glue.

  1. First, wash and dry the fabric.
  2. Then, lay it out and fold it in half, so when you cut out the circles it’ll be two at a time, and you match them perfectly.
  3. Use the glass to make an imprint on the fabric so you don’t have to also use a fabric marker or pencil to mark the place.
  4. Cut out the circles, make the wrong side face each other on the inside, and sew the edges so they don’t come apart.
  5. Use them right away and throw them in the wash when they’re dirty!