Iris van Herpen Is Transforming Fashion With Her “Shift Souls” Collection

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is probably one of the most authentic and innovative fashion designers today. Her latest spring collection, which is called “Shift Souls,” is an intricate mix of fashion, aquatic art and recent developments in technology. While these seem like impossible things to blend together, Van Herpen managed to create a series of 18 breathtaking dresses in warm colors.

“For ‘Shift Souls,’ I looked at the evolution of the human shape, its idealization through time and the hybridization of the female forms within mythology. Specially the imagination and the fluidity within identity change in Japanese mythology gave me the inspiration to explore the deeper meaning of identity and how immaterial and mutable it can become within the current coalescence of our digital bodies.”

The designer was particularly inspired by “Harmonia Macrocosmica,” a star atlas written by Andreas Cellarius in the 17th century, and also with the work of aquatic expressionist artist Kim Keever.

Additionally, Van Harpen used 3D printing, one of her favourite technologies, to create facial ornamentations for some of the outfits.

Check out her incredible creations in the photos below.