Dutch Artists Transformed a Building Into a Giant Bookcase

Two talented Dutch street artists, Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed, used a grey wall of one apartment building in Utrecht, Netherlands, as their canvas and transformed it into a 3D mural. But not just any mural! They’ve painted the three-story building into a colorful bookcase composed of several shelves.

The artists first asked people in the neighborhood to suggest the books they’d like to see on these painted shelves. They incorporated some of those books into the mural, along with their own personal favorites. Naturally, their imagination played a crucial role in this artwork, so they also painted a few made-up titles featuring their own names.

This breathtaking mural was probably inspired by the similar creation that exists on the side of a parking garage of the Kansas City Public Library in Missouri. We guess most people who happen to find themselves in this neighborhood will have to take some time and read the titles from this 3D shelf.