These Dresses Are Both Elegant and Delicious

Did you know you can create clothes using almost any item you find – fries, paper clips, honeycomb and fruits like pomegranate and berries? Well, we also thought something like that was impossible, but Armenian artist Edgar Artis proved all of us wrong. This fashion illustrator found a way to use everyday objects and create beautiful drawings of women’s dresses.

The creation of these amazing fashionable pieces starts as Artis draws his female models on a piece of paper. Afterwards, he uses the most unusual items to dress these women up – from matches and rose petals to edible items like apples, spaghetti and chocolate.

If he’s not adding these strange items to his artwork, then he creates holes in his designs using the environment as background. This is how he created amazing dress out of blue sky.

Artis has more than 700k followers on Instagram admiring his work. Check out some more of them.