Stay Hydrated With These Smart Products

Most of us are struggling to drink water regularly and stay hydrated, but lucky for us there are plenty of smart and fun products that can help us increase our water intake. Most of them are pretty affordable actually, so make sure to check out and buy some of these useful products.

HidrateMe Water Bottle

With this smart water bottle, you’ll know exactly how much water you drink in a day because the bottle is connected to your phone and it logs your water intake every time you drink water.

The Anti-Bottle

Lug around water bottles when you go hiking, running, or cycling can be pretty tiresome and that’s when this useful bottle, dubbed the anti-bottle, can come in handy.

Plant Nanny App

Plant Nanny is a usefull app that creates your own virtual plant and then reminds you to drink plenty of water during the day in order to keep you pet plant alive.

Hydration Reminder

These cool water bottles with funny quotes will inspire you to drink water regularly and help you achieve your goals.