This Fall and Winter, Try Friluftsliv Instead of Hygge

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

We’re sure you’re already familiar with Hygge, the Danish concept of staying cozy at home during the cold months, but this cold season will come with a new trend.

The pandemic completely changed the way we live this year. We stayed inside much more and are eager to go outside and finally spend some time in nature. It’s clear that the upcoming holidays won’t be the same as always as e won’t be able to celebrate with big groups of friends inside and go to parties. Here’s what we can do instead.

The latest trending Scandinavian lifestyle concept is called friluftsliv or friluftsliving. It means “free air life” and focuses on spending time outdoors. Friluftsliv is all about going out in nature with your family and thinking of various activities you can do. This is a safe way of going out during the pandemic and as a day in nature means a lot for your physical and mental health, so practice it as often as you can.

Wear comfortable clothes, pack something for lunch, and head out to explore the nature that surrounds you. Think of games for kids (like a treasure hunt) and have plenty of fun!