Stay Hydrated by Adding Water-rich Fruits to Your Diet

The hot summer days are finally here, and staying hydrated is more important than ever. If drinking eight glasses of water isn’t enough for you, consider eating these delicious fruits with high water content on a daily basis.


This fruit has the word “water” in its name for a reason. It’s one of the most hydrating foods on the market because it’s basically 92% water.


Cantaloupe is another type of melon with high water content. It’s extremely easy to add to your diet because it tastes great in salads, smoothies, and yogurt.


Eating strawberries will significantly increase your water intake as they’re 91% water—plus they perfectly mix in all sorts of different recipes.       


Peaches are another essential summer fruit that’s dripping in water. Nothing compares to eating them plain, but they’re also a popular ingredient in many dishes.


If you’re looking for another healthy fruit that will contribute a large amount of water to your diet, plums are an amazing option.