This Spanish Artist is Crafting Adorable Miniature Houses

Miniature artists prove ou don’t have to go big to make something amazing, and Marina Paredes is a perfect example. Her miniature wooden houses became a true sensation on Instagram, and they’re definitely worthy of your attention.

Paredes’s Instagram account has more than 40,000 followers, and her pastel-colored tiny homes are a true delight. She discussed her craft with The Daily Mini and revealed that she’s been making her colorful miniatures since the age of 10.

The Spanish artist usually uses different types of wood to craft her mini homes. The most impressive part is that she also makes tiny furniture to decorate the interior of each house. Paredes uses acrylic paint to paint them, while other details are made with clay. This is the most challenging part of the entire process, but she also enjoys it the most.

Her work will help you find a new appreciation for things we all enjoyed as kids—playing with dollhouses and making things with clay. Paredes’s tiny homes prove there’s still beauty to be found in these activities, and they’re obviously made with a lot of love.