Start Building a Stronger Vocabulary Today!

Everyone can remember a time when they were forced to learn vocabulary. Whether that was for a big test or an area of study that was unfamiliar, vocabulary does not always have the best rap. But, it’s so important to have a broad vocabulary professionally and for the sake of being able to express yourself. Here are some easy ways for you to start building your vocabulary!


Having a journal or even a page on your phone that is dedicated to writing down new words, or words you’ve heard before but didn’t understand, is a great way to start. Keep your ears out for words you hear often, but can’t quite define, or words in books that make you pause trying to figure them out. This also goes for words in other languages you are learning!


There are a lot of apps and websites that have a daily email that will give you a new word to learn every day. This is a great option because you can just take a couple of minutes out of your day to read the definition without doing any research or extra work. A good exercise for retaining the word is by attempting to use it at least once in a sentence during that day.