Save Your Old Shoes with These Tricks!

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If you buy a solid pair of shoes, they should last you through the years. A lot of people give up too quickly on their shoes when there is so much to be done to make them last and even to fix them before you toss them.

Throwing away or donating shoes shouldn’t be your first inclination if you’re someone who wants to save money and produce less waste, so try these fixes instead!


Sneakers can have a totally different look based on the cleanliness of the shoelaces. Before you throw your sneakers away because you think they’re dirty, take out your shoelaces and give them a good washing and see if that doesn’t bring them back to life.


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Shoe polish is essential to keep leather shoes looking brand new. All you have to do is brush the loose dirt off, use an old cloth or another brush to put on the polish all over, and let them dry. It’s super cheap and easy to do this at home, and you’ll be able to keep your shoes for years or even decades!


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Loafers fit for the Captain.

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If you have suede shoes, make sure that you buy a formula to waterproof them! This will help them last longer and not get water stains or worse if it rains while you wear them.