Self Care Tips from French Women

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

It seems like the French women are born with a sense of style and know how to take care of themselves from an early age. Turns out, their principles are not complicated at all. We’ve listed them below so you can start implementing them as soon as today.

Don’t Mind Other People’s Opinions

The first self-care rule is to not let others influence your life. Your decisions should be only yours, and the time you usually devote to worrying about what others might think is better spent taking care of yourself.

Minimal Makeup

A typical French woman doesn’t wear heavy makeup. Instead, she uses makeup to emphasize her best features and hide the tiny flaws.

Go Big on Skincare

Skincare, on the other side, is a huge deal for French women. Not only they invest in high-quality products, but they also visit beauty salons, dermatologists, and go to spa regularly.

Feeling Good

Long walks in nature and enjoying life without feeling guilty about are some of the most important things you can do for self-care.