How Your Favorite Fruits And Vegetables Become Fun Stamps!

Every child grew up playing with stamps and scraps of paper. However, eventually you grow tired of the stamps you have and you want more and more. But, that can get costly and be wasteful in the end. So, if you have kids now and you want them to experience the joys of playing with stamps, use these fruits and vegetables instead for fun projects that are cheap, not wasteful, and they will definitely not get bored.


These little buds are delicious in southern-style food, but when you cut them open, you will find they look much like a flower because of the seed structure! You can also use them with any type of paint!

Lotus Root

A lotus root does much of the same effect as an okra bud, but since the lotus root is bigger, you will get bigger and more defined flower stamps!

Bell Pepper

If you want to do some holiday stamping or painting, bell peppers are the best thing to use for St. Patrick’s day! When you cut into them they look like the perfect clover, all you have to do is add a little stem to the bottom and you have a perfect clover.