No Jumping HIIT Workouts Are Having a Moment Right Now

HIIT training and jumping often go hand in hand, but one of YouTube’s latest fitness trends is putting a twist on this fitness program. No-jumping HIIT workouts are having a moment right now, and their sudden surge in popularity makes a lot of sense.

Great Home Workout

Many people ditched traditional gym visits for home workouts this year. Training at home brings many challenges, and the unexpected noise that might bother our neighbors is one of them. Jumping is one of the loudest forms of exercise, and you can make your workouts less noisy by opting for a no-jumping HIIT routine.

Low-Impact Workout

The tricky thing about HIIT workouts that involve a lot of jumping is that they’re not a great option for people who deal with joint pain. No-jumping workouts, however, are a low-impact exercise and they won’t put any unnecessary pressure on your knees and feet.

Prepared Workouts

You don’t have to come up with your own no-jumping HIIT workouts because you can find countless amazing videos on YouTube. Many of the world’s top fitness influencers, such as Chloe Ting and MadFit, created workouts that fall under this category and you can easily find the routine that suits your needs.