Low-Impact Summer Workouts to Stay In Shape Without Overheating

Photo by Gentrit Sylejmani on Unsplash

It’s tough to stay in shape at any time of year, but in summer it’s particularly hard when all you want is to stay cool. Luckily, working out doesn’t have to involve a lot of fast movements and sweating. Low-impact workouts that strengthen muscles, promote flexibility, and improve coordination are just as important. Some even provide cardio. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Rollerskating, rollerblading, and ice skating all work out your whole lower body and can incorporate upper body strength as well. The lower impact and the wind in your face will help keep you cool, and you can go faster or slower to focus on cardio or just on strength and balance. If you have access to a year-round ice rink, this is an even better way to beat the heat.


One great thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere. It’s a full-body strength and flexibility workout, and you can easily tailor it to your own level and needs.


Swimming is a perfect way to keep cool, as you’ll be in the water the whole time. You can go to a pool, a lake, or an ocean—whatever you have access to. It will provide cardio and, again, a full-body workout without ever making you sweat.