Love Spicy Food? You Have to Follow Mark Wiens

With more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Bangkok-based foodie Mark Wiens is kind of a big deal. Originally from the United States, Wiens was raised in central Africa before returning to the U.S. for university. After graduating with a degree in Global Studies, he followed his gut (quite literally) and bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.

Since 2009, he has been based in Bangkok, Thailand, researching (that means eating a lot) as much food as he can and taking photos and blogging about Thai food. “At first, I started making extremely simple street food videos and I really had no idea what I was doing,” he writes in his online bio. “Years down the road, making food videos on YouTube is one of the main things I do.”

“I believe when you travel, there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food,” writes Wiens. “No matter what culture or country you’re from, or wherever you choose to travel, the one thing you and I have in common is that food is a huge part of our lives.”

His website is a space where people who travel for food can learn about authentic local food from around the world, with a special focus on Thai food and spicy food. Along with authentic food and restaurant recommendations, Wiens’ goal is also to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what you’re most passionate about.

Sounds like a plan!