The Benefits of Using a Silk Hair Wrap

Image via silkelondon/Instagram

Sleeping with a silk hair wrap can work magic on your hair overnight. Silk is one of the best materials for your hair and will leave your hair feeling shiny and smooth. Here are some of the benefits of using silk hair wrap.

It Makes Hair Shine

Silk contains amino acid which replenishes depleted keratin in our hair. Keratin is what makes are hair shiny and smooth so more keratin means healthier, shinier hair.

No More Frizz

When you wear silk hair wraps overnight, you significantly reduce the chances of waking up with frizzy hair. There’s no friction between hair and silk and no friction means no frizz.

Stronger Hair

The silk proteins also strengthen your hair. People who use silk wraps report less damage and breakage over time. The silk makes your hair stronger.


Like our skin, our hair lacks hydration overnight. Silk is a non-absorbent material which means it doesn’t absorb your natural hair oils. This means it leaves your hair more hydrated.

Fewer Tangles

Smoother and silkier hair means fewer tangles. Keeping your hair in a wrap also gives your hair less room to tangle.