3 Ways to Match a Face Mask to Your Outfit

Photo by Thomas de LUZE on Unsplash

As we’re slowly emerging from the lockdown (this, of course, depends on where you live), we need to learn how to continue our lives and stay safe and healthy. The most important things include washing and disinfecting hands and wearing protective masks. But if we have to wear masks, why not make the best of it? Here are three ways to match your facemask and your outfit.

Monochromatic Outfits

Wearing a monochromatic outfit and a matching mask is the simplest way to look effortlessly chic. You can also apply this formula to solid-color dresses and wear matching masks. It will look especially good with pantsuits in bright colors, in our opinion.

Bold Combinations

Wearing a mask that’s completely different from the print on your clothes is one of the easiest ways to rock polka dots, stripes, or florals this fall. This is perfect for those who can never settle on a single print for a day.


Fancy Fabrics

Not all fabrics are good for protecting you from viruses, but when you have a special occasion and have to wear a mask, you can opt for a silk or velvet mask that will work with the rest of your outfit.