3 Painting Tips for Beginners

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

There’s never been a better time to start a new hobby than now. If you’re still stuck in lockdown or you simply work from home and have found yourself with some extra free time on your hands, it’s much better to pick up a hobby than to spend it endlessly scrolling through social media. If you’ve always wanted to try painting but never did, here are three tips for absolute beginners.

It Can Be Learned

How many times have you thought or said that you simply don’t have the talent for painting? The good news is that talent is pretty overrated here and that it takes time and effort to learn how to paint, just like with any other skill. Just give it a try!

Paint Often

Whatever creative work you’re doing, the continuity is crucial. You need to keep creating in order to find inspiration for new things, while your works simultaneously get better week after week.

Start With Cheaper Equipment

When you’re first trying out a hobby, you never know if you will stick to it. That’s why it’s important not to overspend on the supplies so you won’t feel guilty about not using them as much as you’ve thought. You can easily upgrade your equipment later if you want to improve your work.