It’s Easy to Power Wash your Wood Deck with these Tips

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

You may use a chemical brightener to clean your deck but you can also use a power washer. Be careful when using the latter though, because it can damage your wooden deck.

So why would we even suggest it? Well, the key to successfully using a power wash to clean your deck is to know how to perform it properly. To help you do the job correctly, here are some tips:


When washing a wooden deck, you would typically need the fan tip of the power washer. Since the measurement for this tip is in degrees, choose one with a 40-degree to a 60-degree tip size.


Use a pressure of 600 psi when cleaning a deck that’s made of wood. Then you can incrementally increase the amount of pressure as needed.


When you’re a few feet from the surface of your deck, engage the power washer’s trigger. Then bring the wand down to about a foot off the surface of the deck and use a sweeping motion as you start cleaning.


As much as you can, maintain a consistent distance as you’re sweeping. Do this by making lateral movements with your arm back and forth.