How to Stay Active While on Vacation

While going to the gym and working out during your travels doesn’t seem like much of a vacation, it’s possible to stay active without doing these things. There are ways to stay active while traveling that don’t require setting aside much time for exercising. Here are five ways to keep moving and burn some calories while on vacation.


You’d be surprised at how much walking you do while at the airport and you can get even more exercise by walking instead of using the moving sidewalks or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. When you get to your final destination, if possible, try walking to places instead of taking cabs. You’ll save money and get your exercise in without even noticing.

Plan Breaks

If you’re road-tripping, set aside some time to stretch out your feet and give yourself a much-needed break. Get out of the car and take a walk around.

Workout in Your Hotel Room

You don’t need the gym to get a good workout in. Instead do some bodyweight exercises, yoga, or throw on a workout video. Some hotels have room-based workout tools like stretch bands, mats, and exercise balls, so check with the front desk.

Use the Amenities

Most hotels have a small fitness center or pool, so use it if it’s available. Wake up early and get your morning exercise in so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Local Classes

Get the local experience by attending a fitness class in the place you’re visiting. You’ll get to see what fitness trends are popular, experience new styles, and meet new people.