Here’s Exactly Why You Need to Remove Makeup Before Bed

You already know that you should never go to bed without removing makeup, but have you ever wondered why? You can spend a ton of money on premium skincare products, but if you skip removing makeup in the evening from time to time, you’re just wasting all those products.

Wearing makeup requires making time to take it off, and we mean every single day! The least you can do is keep a pack of makeup removing wipes by your bed for when you absolutely don’t have time for anything else.

Many makeup products contain silicone, an ingredient that can clog your pores. This increases the chance you’ll wake up with pimples the morning after you haven’t removed makeup. Clogged pores can also seem larger than they should be.

We can assume that not taking off makeup leads to not applying a moisturizer, which is why your skin will be dry and eventually start looking old. But even before that happens, you’ll notice it looks dull and uneven – that’s also a consequence of not removing makeup.

The main purpose of makeup is to enhance the good features on your face, so make sure to never skip a skincare routine that will allow your skin to look great with or without makeup and to stay healthy for a long time.