The Best After-Workout Skincare Routine

After the summer heat, it’s time to get back to your workout regime, but it’s easy to procrastinate it because of all the time it takes not only to do your workout, but the time it takes after to do your hair and skincare routine.

The good news is that we got you the only after-workout skincare routine you’ll ever need, so all you need to do is to repeat the steps below. This is a simplified routine that’s perfect for right after your workout and you can do a more comprehensive routine in the evening at home.

Gentle Cleanser

Instead of just washing your face with water, use a gentle cleanser that will help you remove all the sweat and dirt off your face. 

Pat With a Towel

Wiping your face with a towel can irritate the skin, so pat gently instead.

Use Toner

A toner will help soothe the redness and calm your skin down in a few easy swipes.

Apply Sunscreen

Unless it’s already dark outside, finish your routine with sunscreen before you head home.