Fun Ways To Include Your Furry Friends In Your Work Out

Photo by Luiza Sayfullina on Unsplash

Being with your dog outside is one of the simple pleasures in life, for both you and your pet. There are some classic exercises that you and your dog will both enjoy, but recently there has been a burst of new trendy workouts that let your dog participate. Try out some of these ideas next time to you take your pup out.


If you have a dog that can run for days, take him out for a run while you ride your bicycle! This will give him an extra challenge and you can work out your thighs and glutes.


Almost every dog loves to play fetch, whether it’s with a tennis ball or a frisbee. But instead of standing there waiting for your dog to return the item to you, take that time to do some quick exercises! Things like lunges and squats are a perfect way to get that extra boost for your body.

Stair Running

To really get your body in shape, take your dog to a stadium or anywhere outside that has a lot of stairs. Not only will this keep you motivated to continue, it will be a fun challenge for your dog as well.