Friluftsliv is the Norwegian Key to a Happy Life

Norway always comes at the top of the list when discussing the happiest countries in the world, and that happens for a good reason. Apparently, Norwegians know how to get the most out of life and one of the secrets is their concept called friluftsliv.

Friluftsliv may be difficult to pronounce, but in reality, it couldn’t be simpler. What friluftsliv means is basically that you should get outside more. Norwegians apparently feel their best when they’re outside, exploring nature in the fresh air, and we’re sure that every human can relate to this. There’s no reason you shouldn’t copy their concept to your own life, even if you don’t live in Scandinavia.

One important aspect of friluftsliv is that you should explore nature without causing it harm. You don’t have to overthink it. Friluftsliv is often something simple, like going on a hike with your family on the weekend. It can also be an ice fishing trip or going to the cabin in the woods with friends. Try it; you’ll be surprised how much it will improve your life and overall health, both physical and mental.