Drinks that will promote healthy skin

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When it comes to preserving your skin, and in turn your youth, the first step is obviously a tailored skincare routine. One other thing that ought to be considered is what you are putting into your body. You can actually care for your skin from the inside out if you drink these healthy drinks.

Kale juice

This green liquid offers up antioxidants which are powerful against free radicals. They can help improve the tone of one’s skin and slow down the aging process.


Spearmint tea

This tea can help fight the hormonal imbalances which may be the cause of acne later in life.


Everyone knows that it is collagen which gives skin its firm texture and appearance.


Turmeric tea

This spice acts as an anti-inflammatory which will help clear up the redness on one’s face and boost the overall complexion.

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Green tea

Green tea is thought to be able to combat the enzyme which may be responsible for the aging process.



This is simply a much stronger type of green tea which will deliver powerful anti-oxidant effects.

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Lemon water

Here we look at the damaging effects of the sun and how vitamin C can actually protect skin from these damaging rays.