Struggling to Save? Here are the Best Money Saving Tips

Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash

If you’re struggling to make your money last from paycheck to paycheck, here are some tips that may help you cut down on your spending and actually save up a bit to spend on things you really enjoy.

Go Out Less

A drink with your coworkers after work here and there, a cocktail with your best friend, Starbucks on your way to work… it adds up. And while each individual drink you have while out doesn’t cost much, a monthly calculation can prove otherwise.

Drink Water When Eating Out

When you’re at a restaurant, don’t just look at the meal prices. Prices of drinks add up to the final bill, so if you can, choose water instead of beer or wine.

Get Rid of Debts

Before you start saving, clear any debts you have, such as unpaid bills, credit cards, etc.

Find Out Where Your Money is “Leaking”

You can track your spendings with one of many available apps to find out where you spend more than you think you do.

Make a Reward System

To make sure you’ll stick to your saving plan, think ahead how you will spend it. Are you saving up for something you want to buy? Even if you want to save money just to be sure you have a financial buffer, you can think of a small reward to buy with a part of the saved money.

Gift Prepping

You’re at a store where wines are on sale, but you don’t need any as a gift right now? Buy it anyway, so you won’t have to when someone’s birthday or any other celebration is near and the sales are gone.