Check-Out These Back-To-School Nail Trends!

Getting ready for the new school year doesn’t have to be frustrating or hard. Instead of focusing on all the things that annoy you, like boring classes, difficult exams and hours of learning, try thinking about all the fun you can have this fall. And what’s more fun than thinking about a new nail design you can get this fall?

If you want to celebrate the beginning of a new school year with unique nail art, we have found a bunch of back-to-school nails on Instagram to inspire you. Whether you are a fan of math, science or art – there’s something for everyone! Crayons, musical notes and scales, math equations and solar systems will all look great on your nails.

You can experiment by creating a unique design for every nail and we also suggest using bright, vibrant colors this fall. All of your classmates (and teachers) will love these nails and it’ll be the perfect start of a new school year.