Wados Sneakers are Reminiscent of the 80s Era

These iconic sneakers remind us of the classic 80s style, especially when they are paired with matching vintage windbreakers and high ponytails. The 80s were a colorful area where young teens and adults would dress in bright neon colors and denim. These shoes would fit perfectly in this era since they balance out loud outfits with their neutral and laid-back colors.

The idea came to life in 2017 with the desire to create a more sustainable shoe in protest to fast fashion.

Natural Materials

The outer part of the shoe including the lining and laces are made from organic cotton. The front of the shoe is made from recycled thermoplastics and woodchips so nothing truly goes to waste with this shoe. You’ll even receive the shoes in a recycled packaging box with matching organic cotton socks. How awesome is that?

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Proudly European Made

These shoes are made with the highest quality of sustainable materials such as recycled Polyutherane foam for the insole. The designs are created in Barcelona and further processed in Europe. Their workers are people from all races and genders since they believe in the equality of people in the labor force.

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Made in Portugal using organic & recycled materials.

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Casual and Collected

Wado’s style is timeless and can be worn with almost any outfit. Because of their neutral colors, they go well with graphic shirts, patterned tees, and even basic shirts. They complement your outfit nicely making you look dressed up yet casual at the same time.