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Wood table
There is nothing worse than accidentally putting down a hot cup of tea on your favorite antique wooden furniture. Although you might be in a panic, relax! There are plenty of ways to get your wood back to its glory days with these simple hacks.
Squiggly décor. The latest design trend.
Squiggly home décor items are showing up everywhere right now, but the downside of their huge popularity is the high prices of certain items. If you want to welcome wavy décor into your life without spending too much, these DIY tutorials will get you there.
Hand soap
Making natural products at home is much easier than you think. You can always find a recipe that includes ingredients you already have and you can even get creative with substitutes. Ingredients: 1/2 cup distilled water1 tablespoon sweet almond oil15...
Working on DIY projects can be a pretty amazing and dreamy experience—especially if you’re following one of Jordan Clark’s tutorials. She’s the mastermind behind some of YouTube’s most whimsical arts and crafts, and her clips will make you feel like you stepped inside a DIY fairy tale.
DIY project
Doing DIY can be a great bonding activity, especially if you have friends who share your passion for arts and crafts. If you want to keep your DIY adventures fun and friendly, here are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on this journey.
The Best Gift Ideas for Crafters and DIYers
It seems like we don’t appreciate crafters enough. These talented people can make something out of nothing and they never lack creative ideas for the holidays or simply for a long Sunday afternoon. If you have a crafter in your life who you want to surprise with...
A couple painting their home
DIY projects are all fun and games when you do them on your own, but inviting other people to join can make them even better. They can be a great bonding activity with your significant other, BFF, or kids, and here’s how you can make them both...
An old frying pan
There comes a point when your old frying pans are completely useless, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them away. There are many amazing DIY projects that you can make with frying pans that can no longer be used in the kitchen, and here are three...
Most people assume that the legendary petroleum jelly Vaseline is made just for dry skin. And while that might be why most people purchase it, it’s definitely not its sole purpose. Aaccording to Vaseline themselves, there are over dozens of other tricks when it comes to using...
An embroidery hoop
If embroidery happens to be your favorite hobby, you probably have a couple of old hoops that are no longer in such great shape. Instead of throwing them away, you can always try breathing new life into them by transforming them into chic and practical home décor...

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