Best Recovery Tools for Sore Muscles

Recovery tech is one of the biggest health and wellness trends this year and these tools can help release muscle tension and increase circulation after a difficult workout. They help prevent injury and are super easy to use and store when you’re not using them. These are some of our favorites.

Hypervice Vyper 2.0

Although this may look like any ordinary foam roller, there’s a powerful motor that controls three levels of vibrating frequency. The vibration works deep into your muscles to loosen them, improve circulation, and reduce soreness.

Brazyn Life Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

This portable foam roller, designed by a former NFL player, flattens with the pull of a cord so you can pack it in a carry-on, bring it to the gym, or store it under your bed.

Hyperice Hypersphere

This small vibrating ball fits perfectly in your gym bag and you can use it to release trigger points and target specific areas like your glutes, shoulders, and feet. The textured surface combines silicone and a hard shell to break up muscle tissue.


This innovative foam roller adapts to every area of your body to deliver the right amount of pressure. It can be used for trigger point and active release massage techniques.


It’s a foam roller and water bottle! This two-in-one product is great for recovery on-the-go. You can fit it in your gym bag or clip it onto your backpack. Fill it with cold or warm water for a cooling or warming experience while rolling.