Sophia Drescher Captures the Beauty of Nature Through Embroidery

If you’re a huge fan of embroidery, you’ll never run out of amazing artists to follow, and Sophia Drescher is one of the very best. The founder of Instagram page Helioblue Design uses a needle and thread to capture nature’s beauty and magic.

Drescher draws inspiration from the living creatures that she encounters in nature, and her art usually features plants and animals in their natural habitat.

“The multitude of colors, sounds, and shapes of nature is endlessly inspiring to me – I’ve always loved painting and while studying ecology and biodiversity, I started embroidering nature-inspired designs as well a little while ago and absolutely fell in love with it,” writes Drescher on her official website.

One of the things we adore the most about Drescher’s creations is that she doesn’t shy away from sharing every step of her creative journey. Unlike the majority of embroidery artists, who only share the final product, she also posts photos of her works in the starting phase, when they’re just a drawing on a hoop.