5 Ingredients That Should Never Be in DIY Skincare

While self-isolating at home, you may be interested in trying out some DIY skincare products. Making your own products at home has become increasingly popular and there are even benefits for your skin associated with it. But, there are certain ingredients that can harm your skin and you should avoid using. These are the ones you shouldn’t use or that you should use with caution.

Lemon and Other Fruits

While many Pinterest hacks will tell you to use lemon in your skincare products, lemon is acidic and it can burn your skin, leaving it raw or discolored. Other fruits shouldn’t cause a severe reaction unless you’re allergic to them, but berries and fruits will stain.


Toothpaste and Baking Soda

Toothpaste and baking soda are commonly used to treat acne, but they can irritate or inflame your skin.

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Raw Egg

Eggs are used in some K-beauty products, but applying them directly to your skin can cause a bacterial infection called salmonella. While rare, you don’t want to risk it.



Some people use vinegar-based toners because of the acidity and pH-balancing properties, but it smells terrible and it can irritate your skin, exaggerates sunburn, cause superficial burns, and depigmentation.


Spices should be handled with caution as they can irritate your skin and make sure you stay away from cinnamon.