Best Foods to Eat For a Good Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself craving a midnight snack, it may be tempting to reach for something especially salty and sugary. But the foods you choose to snack on before bed actually have a huge influence on your quality of sleep. Here are some healthy options to eat before bedtime for optimal sleep hygiene. 


Not only are these nutritious nuts the perfect snack for daytime, but they can even improve your quality of sleep. They contain a natural sleep-regulating hormone called melatonin.


Have you ever wondered why you feel so sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner? Turkey contains a special amino acid that produces extra melatonin.

Cottage Cheese

This high protein dairy has a special milk protein that may improve muscle repair and growth overnight!

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This tropical green fruit is the perfect solution for those who crave something sweet before bedtime. It contains antioxidants that help promote a healthy sleep cycle.

White Rice

This grain is a major staple food throughout many countries in the world. It has a high glycemic index that may lead to longer and deeper sleep.