Benefits of Purple Yams

Purple yams are as amazing for your body as their color is striking. This is a type of yam with a sweet, delicious taste. If you are completely obsessed with their color, we have to let you know that they also bring so many great benefits. Find out why you should include this vegetable in your everyday diet.

Helps With Blood Pressure

If you’ve been struggling with high blood pressure, purple yams are the natural way to control high blood pressure. This is a result of their high antioxidant content.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Research shows that purple yams have the ability to fight off inflammation. These vegetables will boost the power of your immune system against bacteria. At the same time, they help organs such as the spleen and liver recover faster.

Protect The Liver

Keeping the liver healthy is extremely important. Purple yams have the ability to help your body flush toxins faster. Anthocyanins are the chemicals which do the magic by protecting the liver cells.