Adopt a Nordic Lifestyle with the Guidance of Skimbaco

According to Katja Presnal, the Nordic lifestyle is having the guts to go after your dreams while enjoying life now. The owner and founder of Skimbaco lifestyle brand and editor-in-chief of Skimbaco Lifestyle online magazine, Presnal hopes to inspire others to adopt the Nordic way of living. Launched in 2006, her message has remained the same all those years: to inspire living life to the fullest.

Based in Finland, Skimbaco’s Instagram page includes mantras and quotes meant at motivating you, while the online magazine includes tips and travel recommendations. A post dedicated entirely to Finland includes tips and photos dedicated to traveling in the Nordic country.

“When I miss home in Finland, I usually miss the archipelago,” writes the seasoned traveler, explaining that there is quite nothing in the entire world like the archipelago in the South West waters of Finland. “Finland has this gorgeous archipelago thanks to Ice Age, and the thousands of years of ice slowly melting and moving, and ripping the earth in little pieces as the ice mass moved,” she explains.

Another purely Finnish attraction is the local forests. With 78% of Finland’s landscape a forest, Finland is the tenth most foresty country in the world. “Being close to nature is important to Finns,” says Presnal, “and a forest is a place for everything from soul-seeking to outdoor adventures to picking up berries.”

Presnal explains that according to the Finnish concept of “Everyman’s Right” all are welcome to enjoy also the fruit of the green lush forests. “Everyone has a right to pick up berries and mushrooms from the forests and enjoy the nature,” she stresses.

Her Instagram page and accompanying magazine make us dream of the ultimate Nordic vacation, berries included.