Stella McCartney Launches Genderless Fashion Collection

Stellar McCartney is one of the most iconic names in sustainable fashion and now, she is making waves with her new genderless collection.

The collection will be called “Shared” and will target neither female nor male customers. It will be a gender-inclusive line that is designed for anyone and everyone. Her aim is to provide options for people who find it hard to find clothes they are comfortable in and also to open up a conversation about gender fluidity.

Naturally, the items in her collection are sustainable and are made from 100% organic cotton.

“Being visionary yet active, a community empowering fluidity and diversity, a connectivity with each other and the planet—there is so much about the next generation that aligns with our values here at Stella,” Stella told Glamour.

“Since we are already speaking the same language, I thought it was time that we started a more direct conversation; one that is wearable, bold and relevant for this new collective.”

You can shop the genderless collection here.