5 Things to Do with the Last 15 Minutes Before You Go to Sleep

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When you give yourself time to finish the day in the right way, you are much more likely to be happy and productive the next day. Here are several ideas on how to use the last 15 minutes of your day in the best possible way.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

You don’t need to stare into any type of screen before you fall asleep, so make sure to turn everything off at least 15 minutes before bed.



After you’ve turned off the devices, you don’t need to stare into a blank wall. Reading a few pages of a good book is something you will quickly start to look forward to.


Pour your thoughts on a piece of paper so you start the next morning with a clear head.

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Tidy Up

There’s no better feeling than waking up in a clean and tidy space. 15 minutes every evening is really all it takes.

Pick an Outfit for Tomorrow

Your future self is going to love you for this.