3 Ways to Eat Healthy Without Going On a Diet

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

The idea of going on a diet is often daunting and most of the time doesn’t actually work. You can eliminate entire food groups or do intermittent fasting, but is this sustainable? Eating healthy doesn’t always mean you have to diet. Eating healthy can mean changing your lifestyle and sticking with it for the rest of your life. Here are some tips for you to make changes to your health without going on a diet.

Fruit and Vegetables

Adding more fruit and vegetables into your diet can provide a huge amount of benefits, including protection against cancer, heart disease, and the effects of aging. You should try to add at least one piece of fruit or vegetables to each meal. If you want more, aim to have half your lunch or dinner plate covered in vegetables.


Drink More Water

Drinking soda is basically drinking water with sugar and is packed with calories, even diet soda. Smoothies and fruit juice are healthier but are also high in calories. Cutting these drinks out of your diet and drinking more water is way more beneficial. Try to drink 8 glasses per day, and if you don’t love the taste of plain water add some lemon or cucumbers.

Eat More Fibre

Fiber will keep you full and will also help you lose weight, so add more to your plate. Swap the white bread for whole grain and the white rice for brown rice. Always choose the whole grain alternative when cooking food and you will see how much better you feel.