3 Great Ways to Prepare Eggs for Breakfast

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

If we had to choose single food to have at home at all times, it would definitely be eggs. Eggs can be prepared in so many different ways and used for a variety of recipes, sweet and savory. Today, we bring you three amazing ways to make breakfast with eggs as the main course.

Vegetable Omelette

Slice up your favorite veggies or the ones you have at home at the moment, and your favorite seasonings, and make a delicious veggie omelet that’s a perfect breakfast solution for busy workdays.

Egg Muffins

Nothing beats the smell of fresh egg muffins spreading from the oven early in the morning. Just whisk a couple of eggs, and a little bit of milk, and add your favorite vegetables, sliced up. Pour into the muffin tray, bake for around 20 minutes, and enjoy.


Avocado and Poached Egg Toast

Poaching an egg may require some skill, but once you master it, the avocado and poached egg toast will become your favorite breakfast. It is as simple as it sounds: toast a piece of bread, slice up some avocado and put it on the bread, and add the egg on top of it.